Science Tamar style

This was an idea I had while driving to work. The radio had kept plying this wry cheesy dance tune called Gangdam style and it was number one in the charts. Parents and adults alike were talking about this tune and I thought it would be great to teach the children it but I was not sure how I could fit it into the term.

I threw lots of ideas around before deciding that it was best suited to our science topic of Forces.
I went into class and told the children my idea explaining that it may not work but we were going to give it a go.
First we talked about Forces and what we knew building a thought bubble on every bit of knowledge we had.

Next I put the children into research groups and asked them to research facts about Forces( I used the usborne quicklinks pages as they are great at keeping a search focused in the right area).

When they had collected the information I updated the thought bubble to show everything we had learned.

Now I introduced the children to the song and we listened to the track on iTunes. I also purchased an instrumental version to record our song on.

I let the children have a dance in class and this really generated enthusiasm for the task ahead.

Over the next two sessions we broke the song down line by line and thought about which facts would best fit the beats. I provided support sand scribed their ideas until we had created a set of lyrics that fitted each segment of the song. We repeated the verses where they fit in order to make it easier to learn.
We then rehearsed the song and recorded it onto an iPod with the instrumental track behind it. I then used GarageBand to lay the lyrics over the instrumental to create the song itself.

Next we looked at the video to the song and discussed how we could make our version relevant to our lyrics. In small groups we let the children experiment with dance and come up with their ideas. We voted on the best ones then shot them over and over again in different locations around the school. We decided to keep the Gangdam dance in as it was really fun ( although I lack the co-ordination to teach it well there is a step by step guide you can download).
When we ad finished I used IMovie to blend to segments together and lay the song on top. I used their transition effects and with a bit of fiddling we had our finished video.
Through one idea we created a cross curricular science,literacy,PE,music session which the children loved and got the parents really buzzing with the work their children were doing. I hope you like it.

Link to song

  1. Lisa says:

    This is fantastic! Really creative and I bet the kids will remember about Forces for the rest of their lives. Might have to show it to some of my (slightly older) students!

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